If you are buying multiple quantities of either foggers or sanitiser dispensers, enter the most appropriate code shown below during the checkout page for the best eligible discount.


2 Foggers: Total Discount 5%. Enter Discount Code 2Fogger5%

3 to 5 Foggers: Total Discount 10%. Enter Discount Code 3to5Fogger10%

6 to 10 Foggers: Total Discount 15%: Enter Discount Code 6to10Fogger15%

11 to 19 Foggers: Total Discount 20%: Enter Discount Code 11+Fogger20%

20+ Foggers: Total Discount 25%: Enter Discount Code 20+Fogger25%

Sanitiser Dispenser Range of products

3 to 5 Dispenser Products: Total Discount 10%. Enter Discount Code 3to5Disp10%

6 to 10 Dispenser Products: Total Discount 10%. Enter Discount Code 6to10Disp15%

11+ Dispenser Products: Total Discount 20%. Enter Discount Code 11+Disp20%

 If you are buying multiple quantities of foggers and dispenser products in the same order then please note that you can enter the relevant discount code for each of the 2 product categories at the checkout.